NEW Conference: The Future of Performing Arts in Serbia – Perspectives and Challenges


The NEW Conference is devoted to the challenges and perspectives of contemporary performing arts in Serbia.

In May 2018, the European Commission has adopted the NEW European Agenda for Culture which suggests the promotion of culture, supporting cultural workers and increasing international collaboration in the cultural and creative sectors. Creative Europe will play a significant role in supporting the NEW Agenda. This support opens up great possibilities and chances of progress and development of performing arts in Europe, in the fields of international collaboration, better education and funding.

Performing arts emerged in public spaces. They are manifestations of democratic life. This reminiscence of the very beginning of performing arts development aims to remind us of the significance of supporting theatres and performers, as well as the significance of maintaining cultural and language diversity.

The Conference program will include presenting the analysis of the state of performing arts in Serbia, which is the result of a research called About Theatre, conducted throughout 2018. Starting with the potentials existing in the field of performing arts in Serbia but also with the lack of mechanisms for their sustainable development, the conference The Future of the Performing Arts in Serbia – Perspectives and Challenges is the first step in redefining contemporary creation in the field of performing arts in Serbia.

The Goal of the NEW conference is redefining the contemporary institutional and non-institutional practices in this field, as well as the position of performing arts on the European cultural and artistic scene, primarily within the context of international collaboration and audience participation.

NEW is a part of a wider platform called New European Ways, which is focused on educating and connecting young authors, strengthening international collaboration and creating basic conditions for the development of the contemporary theatre. NEW is the first regional platform gathering numerous authors and the most important people in the field of contemporary arts, with the goal of networking, exchanging ideas and promoting new authors of the contemporary theatre.